Small Bath Tubs For Your Bathroom

Bathtubs are an important part of a complete bathroom. the idea of the bathtub is not a new one from the very beginnings people are using bathtubs for a refreshing and relaxing bath. it is another thing that the look and design of bathtubs are different from time to time.the different bathtubs are made from wood, plastic, china clay, acrylic I am giving you some ideas for small bathtubs.

Small Bathtubs for small bathroom

Small bathrooms have small space so for these type of bath area here I recommended you some very simple but stylish small bath tubs. these tubs are suitable according to space and give a relaxing and soothing bath to you and it is all at a reasonable price.

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Luxury Modern Small Bath Tubs

Small Bathtubs are available at a huge range, with modern designs and luxuries, Small luxurious bathtubs are not only looking fantastic it all are comfortable and with a lot of relaxing lights, shower, air bubbles, water temperature maintaining.The Italian and Chinese style bathtubs are very good and trending at present.acrylic bath tubs has very big demand in the market here I am showing you some selected luxury acrylic bath tubs.

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Small Wooden bathtubs

Wooden Small Bathtub is a unique idea of designer bathtubs, it is very different idea of a bath tub which gives a stunning and royal look to your small or big bathroom, wooden bathtubs are two types one which is originally made of wood and one which is made of acrylic and covered with wooden cover,both are giving your bathroom a royal and ancient look, here I am showing you some wooden small tubs for your beautiful  bath area.

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Small Infant and Adults Fold able Bathtubs

These Small Bathtubs are colorful, foldable, soft, lightweight and easy to move.these attractive bathtubs are easy to use and at a very best price, if you have a small bathroom you must buy these tubs after use you can easily fold and keep it anywhere.

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Bathroom Tiles Ideas Just a New Look for You

Bathroom Tiles Ideas here I am  Giving you new ideas for your bathroom, a new look with these creative tiles for walls and floors and for the complete bathroom. How to choose tiles for the bathroom? When choosing the best bathroom tiles designs we have a lot of options to consider. It depends of course on the type of bathrooms.Bathrooms tiles design is considered in size, shape, bathroom color, budget, comfort and a lot of thigs like this.

15 Ideas and Tips for Bathroom Tiles

1..Different tiles for wall and floor, different in color size and design.

2.If you are using the same color tiles for floor and wall you must give a different color borderline between floor and wall tiles.


3.All the Bathroom tiles are visible but the most visible tile area is behind the sink in the always use beautiful and attractive tiles for the area.

4.Different design combinations in one wall of the bathroom.


5. Black and white bathroom tiles designs are old but it’s an evergreen tiles combination for your bathroom just try it once it’s amazing.

6.Use Triangular design tiles in your bathroom to give the area more depth and style.

7. Use cool shades of tiles like Blue, Leaf green, white, Light pink etc.

8. Colorful tiles contrast design idea for your bathroom is one of the best ideas for you bathroom to give it a new and warm feeling.

9. Geometric tiles design for the bathroom it is also a smart choice for your all type of bathroom either bog or small.

10. Patterned tiles  design is a great idea for bathroom tiles it’s not very conman style .

10 Wall Tiles For your Bathroom

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10 Floor Tiles For your Bathroom

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10 Shower Tiles for Your Bathroom

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Small Bathroom Ideas Decorating Design & Storage

Small Bathroom Design ideas for your home, some little tips HOW TO MAKE A SMALL BATHROOM SEEMS BIGGER,’  and in which way it arrange and make the bathroom a relaxing place for you.It’s a tough job to decorate the best bathroom in a small area with all facilities and beauty.It’s a some ideas for small bathrooms.

 Articles you must set in your small bathroom to make it bigger in its size

10 Cabinet and racks you may set in your small bathroom and save the space

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10 Ideas For Your Small Bathroom Accessories you must Purchase 

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20 Ideas For Small Bathroom Useful For you

1.Small bathrooms bold paint colors and through bold patterns in cheerful hues, bright color schemes, and clever space plans, these small designer bathrooms maximize.plans, these small designer bathrooms maximize style in minimal space.

2.The right design choices will make extra space appears.Woven Baskets Under sinks is a nice choice for the modern small bathroom.


3.Use mirrors with storage compartments. Mirrors enlarge the space and the small area seems larger than its size.

4.Space over the toilet should always be used in a tiny bathroom.

5.Ladder Shelves are very useful to organize an open storage in a bathroom.


6. Painted or bright tiles floor for huge feeling in small areas.

7.Bright and special designer bath curtains for the spacious look.

8.Tub/ Shower combos is a very good solution for small the bathroom.

9.Use Sink Skirts under the sink to cover the storage area under the sink.

10. Use of LED light effects in bathrooms makes it huge and’s one of the best small bathroom ideas.


11.Fit a Pedestal Sink is a best small bathroom idea to save more floor area.


12.Use small bathroom fittings like the sink, cabinet, basket, bathtub etc for the small bathroom it makes the area seems bigger than its size.


13.Use bold color Stripped wall and ceiling to make the area huge is the best idea for small bathroom.

14.Use Natural Light in bathroom area is a nice idea for the small bathroom. big windows with blurred glass style are useful for the small bathroom.


15.High roof for the small bathroom is very good idea to show the area spacious.

16.Reflecting lights from the area makes the area bigger than its size.


17. Simplicity in the decoration of the area is very useful to make the small bathroom area bigger.

18.Use the Same Color for Wall and roof is one of the best small bathroom ideas.

19.Use Corner Bathroom Sinks is also the best idea for small bathroom.

20.Rustic Bathroom Shade for a huge look in a small bathroom.